We are eternally grateful to our sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible. Thank you so very much for your generous support to help Hunting and Fishing for a Cure find a cure for ALS.

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$50,000 +

Pat and Jane Bolin


$25,000 +

Benchmark Title/Benchmark Bank

Gil and Tricia Besing/Craig and Amy Cooper/Stacy G. Smith

Peter and Carolyn Mertz


$10,000 +

Bandera Ventures, Ltd.

Bridge Title

Mike and Margy Bryant

Cedric and Mary Anne Burgher

Bobby and Gail Cheney

Larry and Bev Dale

John and Ann Delatour

Jeff and Pam Ellerman

Gary Farmer/ Heritage Title Company

Bobby and Sharon Floyd

Brett and Lori Landes

Jim and Becky Lozier

Lincoln Property Company Residential

Mount Vernon Investments

Blake and Anne Pogue

Mack and Jean Pogue

Greg and Kay Potter

Wynne & Aimee Snoots

Jody and Terri Thornton

Todd and Abby Williams


$5,000 +

Kenneth and Kamela Aboussie

Greg and Ashley Arnold

John and Martha Ausburn

Laura and Steve Beuerlein/Heritage Title

Paul Bury

Doug and Jill Chesnut

Mark and Ann Connally

Chris and Andrea Cozby

Scott and Melissa Dennis

Tony and Juli Dewar

Jeff and Kelly Dillard

Robert and Kay Dozier

Allan and Shireen Duck

Mary Anne Dunne

Kevin and Kelly Eltife

Fin and Beth Ewng

Brian and Leslie Ficke

Elizabeth and Jeff Fronterhouse

Mark and Jane Gibson

Justin and Amy Grissen

Brad Hawley

Rick Jones

JP Morgan Chase

Mike and Melinda Lafitte

Mike and Lisa Lewis

Lincoln Property Company Commercial

Patrick and Elizabeth Malone

Mark and Karla McKinley

West and Jennifer Miller

Bryce and Kris Miller

Steve and Elizabeth Modory

Cary and Betsy Newman

Mike and Mim Nolan

Bob and Katherine Penn

Rusty and Amy Perry

Plains Capital Bank

Gary, Shauna and Holt Redwine

Doug and Randa Roach

David Roche

Harry and Laura Schumacher

Dick and Betsy Skorburg

Mersina and Phin Stubbs

Jeff and Ann Swope

Kendall and Rusty Tamlyn

Mike and Mary Terry

Larry and Patti Toon

Bill and Melanie Walters

Shawn Wendell

Steve and Lee Anne Van Amburgh



$1,500 +

Charlie and Alice Adams

Robby and Allison Adams

Stroud and Lindley Arthur

Randy and Suzanne Baird

Roland Bandy

Dan and Ben Beaird

Brant and Clemmie Bernet

Bill and Ann Burke

Ryan Byrne

Michael and Anne Caffey

Capital Title of Texas

Plack and Carol Carr

Dodge and Dee Carter

Stuart and Allyson Cavender

Chief Partners LP

Tony and Kim Click

Keith and Sally Crawford

Dow and Felice Crocker

Tim Crowley

Gary and Sylvie Crum

Scott and Shelby Dabney

Jane and Terry Darrow

Davey and Larua Davis

Kirk and Kim Davis

Nelson and Laura Devega

Clif Douglass

George and Michelle Dunlap

Lucy Durbin

Bill and Rusty Duvall

Diane Duvall-Rogers

Mark and Maria Fewin

Rich and Shelby Flaten

Andy and Kammy Fleck

Richard and Susan Frapart

Jenny and Greg Galbraith

John and Maggie Graham

Scott and Allyson Griffin

Jimmy and Julie Grisham

Wallace and Kristi Hall

Duane Henley

Bill and Mary Margaret Hickey

Joe and Beverly Hickman

Richard and Rae Hill

Bruce and Leeanne Hunt

Jimmy and Suzy Ingram

Bart and Michelle Irby

Bob and Susan Kaminski

Danny and Jennifer Kearns

Kinne and Cary Kell

Chuck and Teri Keller

Guy and Laura Kellogg

Sandy and Mike Landon

Steve and Shelley Lipscomb

T. Kirk and Karen May

Joel and Janet McCarty

Steve and Shawnee McCord

John McNamara

Marshall and Leslie Merritt

Michael and Melanie Mills

Will and Winifred Mundinger

Brian and Kathy Jane Murphy

Ken and Stacy Murphy

Cecil and Teri Nettle

Rusty and Liza Nichols

Lee and Debbie Owen

John Poston

Scott Rodgers

Malcolm and Ashley Ross

Bill and Kathy Shuford

Robert and Mary Louise Sinclair

Bruce and Vicki Stensrud

Ronnie and Gigi Sussman

Carter and Sharon Thurmond

Carolyn and George Toledo

Amy Titus

Michael Turner

Patrick and Nancy Turner

Steve and Mellssa Utley

Jeff and Libby Walter

John and Mills Walter

Cathy Wantuck

Eric and Lee Warren

Tonja Wells

Jack and Roberta Williamson

Thomas and Dee Dee Willis

George and Linda Young

Joe and Paige Young

John Young




$10,000 +

Gil and Tricia Besing

Richard and Tracy Cheatham

Rusty and Libby Goff, Plack and Carol Carr, Tricia Beall, Webber and Vicki Beall

Blue Star Land Company/Jerry Jones Family

Will and Shannon Nichols

The Pogue Family

Bruce and Vicki Stensrud, Larry and Bev Dale, Mike and Mary Terry

Stream Realty Partners


$5,000 +

John and Ann Delatour